Diary Queen


Diary Queen - Customizable Diary Storefront

For the "Software Engineering Project Management" subject, I worked on a team of 5 to create a custom diary shop website. The main focus of the subject was to create development artifacts and document our production processes. 
We were free to use any languages/frameworks - from the team we had assembled, we decided to use PHP and Bootstrap for the front-end, and an Oracle DB for our database (which we hosted on AWS) for the duration of this project. 
The project ran for 12 weeks, split into 3 development sprints (and one planning sprint). The project began just before lockdown and became remote-only from week 4.
I was  designated as the Scrum Master for the duration of the project. As part of this role, I was responsible for: 
  • Creating and managing scrum artifacts such as Sprint Planning/Retro notes, Meeting Minutes, and the Product Backlog
  • Creating and managing development documentation like a Code Style Guide/Deployment Guide and Set up processes
  • Running scrum meetings and assigning the development team to tasks
  • Ensuring smooth communication and understanding between team members working on different areas of the codebase
I was also contributing to the development tasks on the project in which I worked evenly across front-end and back-end tasks contributing mainly to:
  • Front-end for the sign-up form, error/success messages
  • Front and back-end for customization parameters in the customization page
  • Backend for generating orders/storing them in the database
  • Front and back-end for formatting of customer feedback/reviews left on orders
  • Unit and functional testing for various components