IoT Project – Car Rental System


Car Rental System - Internet of Things Project

As part of my Masters of IT, I worked on a team of 4 to develop a python-based Car Rental System that ran on Raspberri Pi. 

The complete system had many components, including:
- A customer website built with Flask. Customers could view/book/return cars.
- An admin website built with Flask. This website had separate functionality for admins, engineers and managers and also connected to Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Assistant SDKs. 
- A RESTful API 
- A Console-based application that included Facial Recognition, Bluetooth and QR Code functionality. 

My responsibilities included the front-end development of the website, creating the Flask infrastructure, and then building reusable UI components and Jinja templates. This front-end development involved connecting to external APIs like Google Maps as well as connecting to our internal RESTful API.

I was also responsible for the Google Assistant SDK integration - training a Dialogflow agent that connected to the Assistant SDK running on a Raspberry Pi with a microphone. 

I took shared responsibility of managing the project with one other team member. Together, we set up and created Documentation in Trello, Google Docs and implemented the Sphinx documentation.