Tri-planar Detail Shader

Concept art - by Jennifer Reuter

Tri-planar Detail Shader in Unity

A shader I created for a project in development called 'I Love You Tokyo'

The shader was created to limit the amount of art production time spent creating individual UVs/textures for every asset in the game. 

The brief was to emulate the concept art's addition of "impressionistic" blobs/shapes on assets.

The shader is still a work in progress but currently supports:
Flat colour outlines
Variable thickness outlines, generated from either mesh normals or custom normals baked into vertex colour data

Rim lighting
Standard Rim lighting controls

Custom Shadow lighting
Color picked for shadow colour, and per material control of how "sharp" a shadow is - intended for cell shading but softer

Custom tri-planar overlay textures
Ability to choose from "pattern" textures that convert RGB channel data to HSV offsets. This means that the same pattern texture can be used on any coloured object and still give good results. 

An extensive amount of control over tiling/offsets of each texture, as well as global scale values.