Wayward Strand Technical Art

Screenshot of in-game footage from Wayward Strand's trailer

Paintover by Kalonica Quigley

Wayward Strand Technical Art

Wayward Strand is a real-time narrative game where players explore an airship hospital in the 1970s.

Wayward Strand is currently being developed by Ghost Pattern and more information can be found here:

I was brought on to the project to assist with the Technical Art aspects of the project, as well as some supporting 3D Art work. 

Some of my work on the project includes:
- Creating 3D Environment/Prop Art Asset Pipelines
- Contributing to development of art style/how to best achieve these aesthetics in Unity
- Collaborating with Architectural consultants and the team to design the layout of the ship's interior and exterior
- Creation of the ship's modular interior components and the exterior of the ship
- Creation of various Environment and Prop 3D Models
- Creation of supporting textures to function as a backup for any non-bespoke assets
- Improving Shaders to better reflect our visual goals
- Documentation of pipelines, and optimisation of models and Unity project structure